A Bit of History

      The San Juan Star was born 40 years ago, over a decade prior to its current competitors, as an English daily newspaper. Originally its objective was to target the English-speaking population in Puerto Rico. Later in the 70's and 80's the Star became a very significant player in the print media industry. In the 90's the Star increased its distribution, assuming leadership positions by launching new products and services, even breaking the traditional paradigms existing in the advertising market such as selling the back cover and page 2 and by offering the same ad in 19 different publications on the island through the combos.
     Then in 1997, the Star launched El San Juan Star, the Spanish edition, making the best newspaper of Puerto Rico available to the masses in addition to the upscale market.

     In the beginning of 1998 a unique concept came to complete the now wider reach of the Star: the only daily regionals in Puerto Rico.
     Ponce was the largest city in the U.S.A. without its own newspaper. El Ponce Star became Ponce's only daily newspaper after 3 decades.
     El Arecibo Star and El Mayaguez Star gave these areas the recognition they merited with tailor-made newspapers offering local business, sports, entertainment, crime and political news coverage, as well as important national and international news. Another unique product was then added in early 1998, El Star Extra, the only afternoon paper in Puerto Rico.
     Today, 40 years from its start, the Star is the most complete network of publications in the Caribbean thanks to the support and loyalty of our readers and advertisers.

Our Thoughts...

      The excitement of publishing is boundless. Moved by it, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide the best service and cutting-edge innovations which open new avenues to grab the reader's attention. The San Juan Star has evolved to become the Star Media Network, the most complete print media network that offers a dynamic and efficient way for you to reach your target. We invite you to read carefully what the Star Media Network can offer you as a powerful vehicle for your advertising message. The name of the game is maximizing your advertising dollar.

The San Juan Star Inc.
Founded in 1959

Owns and operates the STAR Media Network that includes The San Juan Star, El San Juan Star, El Ponce Star, El Arecibo Star, El Mayaguez Star, El Star Extra and The Star Quest Edition.
Phone: 782-4200

Commercial Team:
Gerry Angulo President and Publisher, Ext. 2101
Salvador Hasbún General Manager, Ext. 2603
Tony Martínez Traffic Director, Ext. 2200
Pascal Fontana Advertising Agencies Sales Manager, Ext. 2262
Vanessa González Direct Sales Manager, Ext. 2204
Yolanda Pérez,
Candy Nieves
Special Sections Sales Managers,
Ext. 2272/2222
Carmen T. Rivera Classified Manager, Ext. 2221